1. Duck mousse with smoked duck breast fillet

A classic with a twist: duck mousse with smoked duck breast fillet, made with fresh duck´s liver. The smoked duck breast fillet gives the pâté a rich, mild flavour, which is subtly perceptible. This festive pâté is very creamy and has a fine texture.

2. Pâté with turkey, dates and pistachios

Turkey is a real classic that you can combine with just about anything. The pâté with turkey, dates and pistachios is a fine pâté. Dates have a syrupy sweet taste and are delicious combined with the pistachio nuts, which give this pâté a crunchy bite.

3. Ham pâte with a layer of mustard gelatine

Everyone knows mustard as a spicy condiment. The mustard gelatine gives the well-seasoned ham pâté extra bite and a delicious aroma. And it also gives the ham pâté a beautiful appearance!

4. Ham pâte with fig pieces and Port and with a layer of fig/Port gelatine

The ham pâté with fig pieces and port has a coarse texture. Adding fig pieces and the port gives this ham pâté an exclusive touch, while the fig stones create a playful mouth sensation. The fig/port gelatine layer not only creates a beautiful effect on the plate but is also a deliciously fresh touch.

Available from week 47 - 52.

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