Pheasant pâté combined with pâté with orange, Grand Marnier & mandarin pieces

Original combination of two favourites! Our delicious pâté with orange, Grand Marnier & mandarin pieces, processed into a coarse game pâté based on pheasant meat, is a culinary treat! The cutting surface is surprising and imaginative!

Pâté of rabbit with prunes

If you are a big fan of dishes that combine meat and fruit, you must have heard of the incomparable Flemish classic: rabbit with prunes. The lean rabbit meat with prunes processed into a pâté clearly reflects this classic. Absolutely delicious!

Other popular game pâtés and terrines

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wild boar pâté with cranberry

wild boar terrine
pheasant terrine
venison terrine
hare terrine

Our game pâtés and terrines are already available from delivery week 36 until the end of the year.

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