De Spiegeleire

Since 1972, unaltered production processes have ensured a refined and consistent taste. De Spiegeleire vouches for 1st class quality products.
Products: - Pâté
- Chicken- and Turkey Fillet and variants
- Block Pâté and variants
- Berliner
Country: Belgium
Year of establishment: 1972
Retail outlets: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, France and Spain
Choice of raw materials: Freshly slaughtered and 1st class quality
Production process: Hand-made process, converted into modern techniques
Production rhythm: Production to order, stocks are never held*
Perfect presentation: Pâté is an impulse article
Total service package: Quality and service ensure that our clients keep coming back
* In order to guarantee freshness, we never hold stock. Production is only carried out on an order basis. An order placed on Monday is produced on Tuesday, garnished on Wednesday and loaded that evening onto the delivery truck so that the client receives door-to-door delivery on Thursday. We thus produce the exact amount that our clients order on a daily basis. In this way, we can guarantee the quality and superior freshness of our pâté. This type of production process ensures that the product not only looks good but tastes good too! A product abundant with fresh ingredients guarantees a satisfied customer !