BRC Certificate This is the result of a COMPANY that has not stood still. In 1996 De Spiegeleire has succeeded in the Belgian meat-market in being the first to obtain an HACCP certificate from the TUV. Throughout the years, we have continued to invest in this and, as a result, we not only achieved the BRC Certificate again on 31/07/2007, but also the coveted IFS Certificate.

IFS Higher Level (pdf)
BRC 7 Level A (pdf)
Certificate Autocontrole Systeem (ACS) (pdf)
BIO certificates (pdf)

BRC Score A

After years of continuing to invest in a high-level of quality we were rewarded on 27 September 2002 with the BRC Foundation Level certificate award and in May 2003 we obtained the Higher Level certificate. At present we have BRC score A.
The existing guidelines for the BRC standard which you need to satisfy as food producer go further than just the HACCP plan. The criteria for this are even stricter and more extensive in the field of application of the HACCP principles, the documented quality-control system and guidelines regarding the infrastructure, processes, products and personnel. All of which ensure food safety. The BRC certificate is increasingly being demanded by various clients. In order to maintain the certificate the quality-control system is inspected at regular intervals by an accredited institution.

IFS International Food Standard

The IFS certification system, which can be compared with BRC, was developed by German retailers. Its main objective is to guarantee food safety and hygiene in the food processing sector. French retailers joined this system quite recently and an increasing number of them are now requiring their suppliers to meet these standards.
The aim of this uniform food safety standard is to meet growing consumer expectations. By using a uniform system, the costs of many inspections can also be limited.
The purpose of the IFS is to be a consistent evaluation system for businesses with uniform formulations, uniform inspection procedures and reciprocal approval of inspections, leading to a high level of transparency throughout the supply chain.
Structure of the IFS (catalogue of requirements):
  • Management of the Quality System
  • Management Responsibility
  • Resource Management
  • Product Realisation
  • Measurements, Analyses, Improvements
As a food supplier, this was a coveted aspiration and we are immensely proud to have achieved this certificate!